Wireless Earbuds, 5.0 Bluetooth Earphones with Super Charging Case as Power Bank in-Ear Stereo Sports Headsets

Build in advanced V5.0 Bluetooth Technology.

Smooth connection signal with Bluetooth Range up without barrier 10m. They would automatically connect to each other once you pick them out of the case

Additional information


Touch operation:
Automatically on: Remove headsets from the device.
Manually on: Touch headsets 3s, flashing blue with turn-on voice prompt.
Automatically off: Put the headset into device.
Manually off: Touch headsets 5s, flashing red with turn-off voice prompt.
Pause/play songs: Tap the left/right headset shortly
Answer/hang up the phone: Tap the left/right headset shortly
Reject the call: Reject a call by touching sensor panel 2s L/R
Switch songs:
Previous song : tap left headsets 2 times.
Next song : tap right headsets 2 times.
Volume control:
VOL DN: tap left headsets 3 times.
VOL UP: tap right headsets 3 times.
Power bank capacity : 1800mAh
Headset battery capacity: 50mAh
Transmission distance:10 meters barrier-free