Multi Function Universal Digital Display Dual USB Car Charger Aluminum Alloy Safety Hammer Car Charger

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Charge to two: Dual USB ports provide simultaneous high speed charging for drivers and passengers. Universal compatibility: Compatible with a variety of devices such as iPhone/iPad/Samsung and other Android devices. Security: Advanced intelligent circuit safety system prevents short circuit, overheating, overcurrent and overcharging. Fast charging: input voltage 12V-24V, output current DC5V 3.4A max

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Black, White, Blue, Red, Brown, Silver




4.5V==5A, 5V==4.5A, 5V==3A, 9V==3A, 12V==2.5A, 20V==1.5A, USB C: 5V==3A, 9V==3A,12V==3A,15V==3A,20V==3.25A


1.Metal mateial, integrated molding, temperature resistant, anti-drop and anti-interference. 2.Dual USB output smart charging, intelligent safe and convenient charging, multi-device simultaneous charging. 3.The aluminum alloy case is resistant to temperature and fall, anti-jamming, and safer and safer to use. 4.The car charger is compact, so you can easily put it in your pocket for easy carrying. 5.12V-24V models are universal, suitable for mainstream models on the market, 12V-24V cars can be used. 6.The car charger protects the car and extands the battery life. 7.3.4A intelligent fast charge, support for universal car model, real-time voltage detection, dual USB smart fast charge. 8.The metal material is integrally formed, and the body is made of alloy.It is not bad for a long time, the quality is better, and the heat dissipation is faster. 9.Color:Silver/Gold/Black/White/Red(Color can be customized) Product advantages:
1. Universal, comprehensive compatibility: Compatible with different kinds of car or truck models.
2. Intelligent identification, the proper current offered automatically.
3. Innovative patent technology: Shock absorder design, avoid bad contact caused by vibrations of the car.
4. When the vehicle falls into the water, flooding causes power failure, and the vehicle hits the natural power failure, causing Windows and doors to fail. When the vehicle is locked, the window can be broken to escape.
5. LED display, charging and enjoying digital life.
6. Anti-interference: anti-electromagnetic interference, can be used with multiple devices
7. Intelligent protection: intelligent temperature regulation
8. Overvoltage protection: prevent the output voltage from being too large
9. Short circuit protection: when charging short circuit, intelligent power off
10. Over-current protection: to prevent excessive output current